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Keith Valcourt

Keith Valcourt, began his career fresh out of college at Capitol-EMI music in artist development. He left to pursue his comedy/voice-over career in NYC. Performing at hundreds of stages including an off-Broadway run of his acclaimed one-man show “What The Hell Happened To America!?!”


As an actor Keith appeared in dozens of TV shows including "The Office", "General Hospital”, "The Exes", "Malibu Country" and “Retired AT 35” as well as in the films “Legally Blonde”, "Star Trek: Nemesis" and "Beyond The Wall Of Sleep.”


 As a writer and interviewer, He has had the privilege to sit down with thousands of celebrities for features in LA Times, The Washington Times, LFP and various online outlets. It was an interview with Willie Tyler that led to this film. 


From late 2016 through July 2019 Keith was the Global Project Manager for The Gene Simmons Vault at Rhino Records. 

Keith is currently working behind the scenes on the NBC Sitcom "Lopez VS Lopez." 


He is also Willie Tyler & Lester's manager.

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