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Willie Tyler and Lester Hello Dummy!

Hello Dummy Sizzle

Hello Dummy Sizzle

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If you were a kid in the 1960s and 70s you were an unintentional witness to some of the most profound changes in history. Willie Tyler and Lester traveled that same road, but as a participant, rather than eye-witness.


Traveling from Alabama to Detroit, Michigan as part of the African-Americans diaspora, as a child. Willie found himself in a community that championed creative growth. We are all familiar with the heady mixture of talent that led to the Motown Revolution. But what of the quickwitted ventriloquist who hosted those endless roadshows bringing Motown to the racially charged masses?


This is his story.


At ten years old, after seeing the legendary ventriloquist, Paul Winchell, on television the first time, young Willie set out on the road to his life's work. 

Work that has taken him to the greatest stages in the world and television screens in everybody's home. He was a pioneer in American television by being one of the first African-Americans to be a series regular. He was present at the end of the big variety shows and the rise in popularity of talk shows. 

He is the consummate professional, having opened for Legendary performers that include, Sammy Davis and Ann-Margaret. While in Syria with the US Airforce he and Lester were discovered rehearsing on a rare moment of downtime. His CO sent to entertain the troops. Back in Detroit he worked in the segregated burlesque houses and was spotted by future Motown founder Berry Gordy, Jr.  He was impressed at the young ventriloquists handling of the rowdy nature of the audience. Could he be the best choice to lead his artists on the quest to conquer America?  

In his 50 plus years on stage, Willie Tyler has done it all, and he is still doing it. He could have been an Actor, he could have been a singer, for some reason he chose to be a ventriloquist.


Who is the man that stands behind Lester?


That is who we want you to meet.  

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